The Cocktail Trio

Very popular in the fifties and sixties (and beginning of the seventies), but nowadays nearly forgotten. Many of us still remember this dutch trio, consisting of Tonny More, Ad van der Gein and Carel Alberts. Specifically people of over 40 years of age can easily sum up 3 to 5 unforgettable songs, and if you put some fourty-plussers together, with a little effort a number of 10-15 can be acheived. This indicates that the significance of the Cocktail Trio actually is far greater than the role they play in written history. For this purpose I collect material on the subject. I intend to do something nice with it, like e.g. a musical program with a tribute to the Cocktail Trio, a little book, a exhibition or whatever.

If you have anything that can be of interest for me, please mail to

Some songtexts with chords (in MS-Word format):


Batje Vier

Geen bier, geen borrel, geen wijn

Grote Beer

Kangeroe Eiland


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Last update: October 6, 2001.