The Enigma of Franka A4

In this special A-series we show some oddities in drawings. Or mistakes. Or aberrations. Or anything you like. In this issue:

The Mysterious Cardoor in "The Masterpiece"

In The Masterpiece at first Franka is sent off none the wiser by countess de Weelde. She takes the train home empty-handed, but, because she does not trust it, she gets off the train the next station, rents a car and returns at night.

22.4.2 In the dark by car to the estateIn 22.4.2 Franka leaves the car in the wood and sneaks in the dark to the estate of the countess. But ... she again gets soaked, so she has to go back to the car to change clothes. In 23.2.2 she examines how she looks in the reflecting window of ... ?!?

A cardoor that was not yet there in 22.4.2 !!!

23.2.2 The mysterious cardoorConsidering the usual meticulousness one questions whether this concerns an inaccuracy, or that Henk Kuijpers has thought deliberately: "Here I simply need a cardoor, let's see if anybody notices ..."

Thanks to Dirk-Jan Hoek
© Martin Hooymans / Henk Kuijpers
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