The Enigma of Franka A6

In this special A-series we show some oddities in drawings. Or mistakes. Or aberrations. Or anything you like. In this issue:

Left or right?

11.2.3 Franka climbs over the fence; mind the left foot!It is always difficult to keep left from right. Specifically, when all these creatures keep turning around all the time. Then mistake is easily made. Nevertheless, this does not happen very often to Henk Kuijpers. It really is surprising how persistent he is in maintaining details consistent. But, sometimes it can go wrong.

This was the case in The Flight of the Atlantis. On page 11 lightning strikes the generator of the mansion of Axel Ax. All the lights go out and at the same time there is no electricity on the fence. Franka takes of her left shoe and puts in on her left hand to protect it against the sharp points of the fence. On 11.2.3 we can see her climbing the fence with that shoe on her left hand and a bare left foot. On the next drawing she is running with Aura towards the frontdoor, still with a bare left foot.

11.3.1 Franka puts the shoe on her right footAnd then, on the next drawing? Ah, yes, on 11.3.1 she puts her shoe on again ... on her right foot!!!

Now, actually this is not as surprising as it might seem, when you take into account that Henk Kuijpers has added this drawing much later. In the Dutch hardcover special-edition (with a lot of background information and sketches) Henk explains to us that the first edition which was published in the comic magazine Eppo had a problem with the plot. For the album he decided to redraw a couple of pages. He changed some drawings, added some and removed others. This special edition shows us thoroughly how the first edition looked like and how it was transformed into the album version.Well, it is not so strange that you forget to think about which foot was bare, when you have to draw such a scene more than a year later.

It is not easy to keep an eye on all these details all the time.

Martin Hooymans / Henk Kuijpers
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