The Enigma of Franka A8

In this special A-series we show some oddities in drawings. Or mistakes. Or aberrations. Or anything you like. In this issue:

"Apotheke an der Ecke" in The Thirteenth Letter

An eye for details. That's something Henk Kuijpers definitely has. And quite often he goes pretty far in this. But in some occasions it seems as if he has forgotten what he has been drawing a couple of pages before. As an example we will take a pharmacy in the thirteenth album The Thirteenth Letter.

In the night Uschi escapes from the Grammstein prison she flies with her balloon over the little village of Grammort, where Willy Müller used to have his little shop called Electro, next to the pharmacy "Apotheke an der Ecke". Willy died a couple of days earlier due to a car-accident. We, of course, know that he was murdered, but this is something the others don't know, yet. In 14.3.1 we can see this beautifull pharmacy on the corner of the street.

14.3.1 The pharmacy in the night Uschi escaped18.2.1 The pharmacy two days later

Two days later Emma, Willies widow, passes this pharmacy when she returns from the funeral (see 18.2.1). But now the door looks completely different! And also the pillar doesn't look the same. Two days ago it was round at the base, but now it is square! There are some more differences, but these might be due to the difference between night and day.

Nevertheless I can't imagine that the building could have been altered so dramatically in such a short time!

© Martin Hooymans / Henk Kuijpers
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