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News about the research and more.

On this page you can find news about the research on the Ho[o]ij/yman[s] family and other news related to the topic. I apologise to the non-Dutch speaking people. For the convenience of 80-90% of our readers I have decided to make this page in Dutch.

Book: Al wie Ho[o]ij/yman[s] heet ...

On 29th october 1999 we presented this book in Leiden (The Netherlands) to over 100 guests, mostly with the familyname. On the page you are about to visit, you can find out more about this book, what it contains and how you can get one.

Printed matter and photo's

I have a growing collection of printed matter concerning our family and I also try to get old photo's. Please visit this page to read more about it.

Genealogy Ho[o]ij/yman[s]

A Genealogy with indexes on surnames and places produced by GED2WWW(F). About 4000 people and more than 1000 families. In my database I usually have a lot more, because I only renew these pages every now and then. For this reason it is not wise to bookmark individual pages, since the numbering changes frequently. If you bookmark this page then I'll promise you I won't change the URL.

Kwartierstaten of my children

Up to now I have 13 generations with the first 7 complete and the eigth nearly complete (only 16 to go out of 128 persons)! The content of both pages is roughly the same. Only the form differs.

I have copied an interactive page for representing a Kwartierstaat (I am not sure about the correct english word) using a Javascript, which is quite fun.

On the other hand I tried the HTML-output of PRO-GEN 3.0a (visit their site), which is absolutely beautiful.

And recently I found the new circle representation in PDF by PRO-GEN 3.0 (it is rather large: more than 500K!).

Beside my own investigations I owe a lot of pieces of information to: the late G. Heemskerk (Cornelis Hooymans and up), H. Th. Pot (Pot/Krekel and up), Wim van der Heijden (Koot) and Ton van der Togt (Halverhout and up). Thanks a lot!

I can use some help on my grandmothers' part. She is a daughter of a barge skippers family from Groningen. She was accidentally born in Antwerp. She settled in Rotterdam when she was about 14. According to my father (her son), at least one of her sisters lived in Rotterdam. But her parents (Hendrik Geert Spel and Frouwina Bouwman) are supposed to come from Groningen. I did find her parents (Hendrik Geerts Spel and Frouwina Martins Bouwman), but I have many difficulties in completing their data and tracking the grandparents further up. Since they were skippers, they could have been born or died anywhere, as for instance my grandmother did. If you can help me, please send me an e-mail.


This is a continuously growing version of our genealogical tree on the web. Apart from the work I did myself, I owe a great deal to:
The late mr. Cees Hooymans from Oegstgeest and his brother father L.J. Hooymans from Noordwijkerhout, who can be considered as the godfathers of the research on the Hooymans-family.
Hans van der Zon (whose mother is a Hooijmans), who is working on all the descendants of Jan de Hoed.
Herman Rutten, who has put all of Driel in the computer.
My father, Martinus Petrus Hooymans of 1919, who infected me with this disease.
And many, many more people who helped me with pieces of the puzzle. Thank you!


If you can supply us with new information, or if you want to ask or tell us something, or if you want to be put on the mailinglist, please do not hesitate to send a message to Martin Hooymans.

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