This is the homepage of Philomeen Weijenborg and Martin Hooymans, but also of Jopie and Daan. From this page we want to guide you to pages of our own or other pages on the Web that we find interesting. We hope it is usefull or amusing.
Although we try to write in English as much as possible some material is in Dutch.

We will guide you to:


Comics in general:

European Comics on the Web (by Erik Tjong Kim Sang)
If you go here, then you don't need any other links to European Comics at all
Martin's Exchange Mart, where you can find my personal "wanted" and "offered" comics.


Martin's Asterix Collection in Foreign Languages many rare items in very rare translations
Translations of Ocatarinetabellatchitchix from "En Corse" Wow! what a fantastic name! And all these different versions!
Asterix in different languages (by Hendrik Jan Hoogeboom)
The International Asterix Page (by Erik Tjong Kim Sang)


Bars at F-siteHet Raadsel van Franka (a series of articles on mysterious script matters in the Dutch comic Franka of Henk Kuijpers; in Dutch, some also in English)
Martin's Franka Collection in Foreign Languages some translations of this great Dutch comic
Henk Kuijpers' Franka Site (the site of the Franka BV)
Reklamewerk (by Roy van der Pijl)
The Franka Homepage (by André Nieuwland)
Franka (by Erik Tjong Kim Sang)
Franka (by Jacob Sparre Andersen)
Franka (by Frederik Kloppenburg)


Martin's Kuifje/Tintin Collection in Foreign Languages not as many as I have Asterixes, but still fun!
TINTIN (by the Hergé Foundation; in French)
À la découverte de Tintin (by Nicolas Sabourin; in French)
KUIFJE (by Dik T. Winter; in Dutch)
Har Broks Kuifje Index (by Har Brok)
The Cult Of TINTIN (by Jesper Jühne)

Genealogy pages for Hooymans, Hooijmans or Hoijmans continuously in progress!
The book is finished! Read all about in on the special pages. And don't forget to go to the newspage!.
De NGV Homepage (Nederlandse Genealogische Vereniging)
Hoofdpagina CBG (Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie)
HjV's Dutch Descendants & Ancestors Page
Dutch Home Pages by Familyname
PRO-GEN website voor het laatste nieuws over het programma dat ik gebruik
Ontdek uw genealogie en geschiedenis van Uw familie

The Cocktail Trio (where I ask for more info on this famous Dutch musical ensemble)
The PLOT-foundation
KTC Pats

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